Hard Drive Replacement Service

What would a new Solid State Drive do for you?

  1. Your computer will boot up faster!    No power on lag from spin up time.
  2. Be more responsive with Lower Latency!        No seek time.
  3. Last longer with a new drive!        Solid State memory last longer.
  4. Uses less power!  Longer battery life!

Honestly listen.

Press your windows key.

Type "Task Manager".

Press your enter key.

Bring up your Windows task manager.

Select the performance tab and see if your hard drive is maxed out at 100%.

If you need an upgrade. Let us do it for you. The one thing you can't get back is time. Do yourself a favor and call us today!

Let Creative Computer Store upgrade your computer to a Solid State Drive today. Prices as low as $147.25 

(360) 635-3696

´╗┐Limited time offer. Service dependent on technician and parts availability. Particular models may take more parts and labor.